Welcome to our new Jeffers Hill Elementary School PTA Website!



Welcome to the JHES PTA Website

As part of our rejuvenated and re-energized approach to family and community engagement we are launching a new website. Our goal is to increase family awareness and encourage family involvement so that our children have the best chance to excel as they grow and mature. You are our greatest resource and a necessary component of our strategy to give our children their best chance to succeed!

Jeffers Hill Elementary School’s vision is to provide a positive and diverse learning community that instills high academic and social expectations for every student, inspiring lifelong learning and preparing students for the future. Their mission is to be a diverse learning community that prepares students through dynamic opportunities to succeed in an ever-changing world. The JHES PTA makes every effort to partner with students, parents, families, teachers, administrators and community leaders to realize this vision and accomplish this mission. Join us in fostering excellence through engagement!

The JHES PTA Executive Board

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